Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

Indian wedding comprises of diverse customs and traditions depending on the place and religion. Every Indian wedding is an event full of colors, lights, food, celebration, cultural ethnicity, respect, fireworks, traditional attires, shopping, gifts, flowers, decoration, music and an overall event of a life-time remembrance.

There are a few customs like sangeet and mehendi that are being followed in many religions. A hindu wedding shall consists of a ritual conducted by a Brahmin priest. Pre wedding events like engagement, mehendi and musical night are organized.

A Muslim wedding consists of ceremonies like Milad, Mayouni, Dholki, Rasm-e-Mehendi. Arsi Mousaf is a tradition followed after Nikkah. A Sikh wedding is known as Anand Karaj. The wedding can be planned in a Gurudwara or a venue. Milni, Kirtan and Ardan are followed one after the other..

A langar shall be followed after other rituals. There are a lot of events associated with the main wedding ceremony in every religion. We can guide you with the appropriate wedding customs and rituals to be followed in every type of wedding and assist in harmonious completion of a beautiful wedding.

Traditional Ceremonies in India