Pre-Wedding Events

Pre-wedding events are the events that are organized 2-3 days before the wedding day and they give a good fun-filled start to the main event. Indian weddings are known for their prosperous cultural tradition and distinctive ethnicity. There are ceremonies like the sangeet ceremony, haldi ceremony and the mehendi ceremony. All these events start with a gathering of family, relatives and close friends and are accompanied by folk music and food and snacks.

There are other major pre wedding events like the engagement party, bachelor party, bridal shower and the garba/raas night. Many things have to be planned, organized and executed for an enjoyable and amusing experience. Food, decorations, invitations, venue, materials, music and video have to be arranged for these events.

We assist you in listing major events, goods required for decoration, appropriate venue according to the persons invited, and many other small things, finding out the right kind of vendors, supervising them and executing all activities flawlessly.

  • Engagement Party
  • Mehendi Ceremony
  • Sangeet Ceremony
  • Music night / Garba venues
  • DJ / Garba / Music Night
Pre-marriage Rituals