Wedding Menu Planning

One of the big things is to arrange an extravagant meal for all and finding a good caterer is definitely an important task on the wedding to-do list. With the diverse kinds of functions in Indian weddings, special kinds of recipes shall have to be served.

There are many factors that should be considered while finding a suitable caterer, like what food items do they offer, their price range, quality and taste, food presentation and last but not the least, their availability on the dates of your wedding function. The place where the food is to be served should be nice and spacious so as there is ample space for the guests to move about freely. It needs to be well lit. The caterer must be expert in cooking skills so that the food is enjoyed by all.

Booking an experienced caterer well in advance is important to avoid last minute rush. The menu is to be decided well in advance so that provisions can be made well in time. We help in finding you a right caterer, deciding a mouth-watering menu, supervising catering service of the caterer and managing and making sure everything goes all-right.

Plan your Wedding Reception Menu