Guest Hospitality

A wedding ceremony involves inviting a lot of guests, local as well as out-of-the-town guests and even guests coming from foreign countries. After all, a wedding ceremony feels incomplete with an attendance of our near and dear ones, friends and philosophers and our well-wishers. Taking care of the comfort of your guests and relatives is an important factor to be considered.

Guests travelling and coming from outside the town needs to be taken care of. Proper planning needs to be made regarding their accommodation, travel fare, local transportation, meals and snacks and wedding schedule to be followed. We provide a team of professionals who take care of your guests.

From receiving them at a railway/bus station or an airport, taking them to the prearranged accommodation, greeting them with refreshing juices and handing them a goodie basket, taking them to the wedding venue and back to the accommodation place and attending to their any other requirement or grievance, we do it all.

Welcoming Guests at your Wedding Destination